A new heavy durability Nylon Aircraft Carpet is being introduced.

This heavy durability Nylon Aircraft lasts longer; yet is in excess of 200 grams lighter per m2. This new carpet also meets all the requirements of Burning & Smoke Behaviour, Anti-static properties, etc.


By using this new Nylon Aircraft Carpets, Airlines will not only save money on Fuel; but also on the cost of purchasing carpets:


1. Fuel Saving Cost: The weight reduction of the new Nylon Wilton Carpet, compared to the standard aviation carpet is about 200 gms/m2. Considering that every kilo costs the airline about Euro 120 in fuel per year; this new carpet will result in the following fuel savings per year:
B-737 / A-320: +/- 104 sqm of carpets X 0.2 kilos; will result in a saving of Euro 2496 per aircraft per year, in fuel savings.


2. Savings in Carpet Costs: Our new Nylon Aircraft carpets last twice longer, resulting in carpet savings; and also lesser number of floor replacements.

Wilton Weavers is an AS-9100 certified company